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Buy World War 1 - The Centenary Special Edition

Buy World War 1 – The Centenary Special Edition

Released: May 2014


To mark the Centenary of the start of World War 1, France Media Group has produced this special edition publication – 180 pages of stunning images and amazing history.

Our writers have travelled across northern France, visiting the battle sites, museums and memorials, to explore World War 1 today. And we have put together a detailed timeline of the war, from 1914 to 1918, with a focus on the key themes; the war of attrition in the trenches, the introduction of chemical weapons, the debut of the tank on the battlefield, the Royal Navy blockade that cut off supplies to Germany and the birth of the RAF.

The edition combines history and travel with facts, figures and human stories – all brought to life by modern, world-class photography from Mike Sheil and rare images from the archives at the Musee de la Grande Guerre in Meaux.

Now that the last of the British ‘Tommies’ who fought in the war has died – Harry Patch died in 2009 – we have lost the final, personal connection to the Great War. This edition seeks to re-establish that link – exploring the archives and the world around us today, to enable us to really experience World War 1 for ourselves, 100 years on.

New 48 page section – the Remembrance Tourism Guide, with brand new content devoted to showcasing the many fascinating and informative destinations, museums, memorials and tours.

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